Forever Face Latex Mask


This mask is slightly bigger than your average mask. Fat kids should have no problems. Skinny people, don't worry, it should work for you just as well.

Quality latex and elastic strap. Hand crafted and hand painted in the United States. Merica!

We have added a strap to the ears to get them to lay flat on your head, but if you would like one with the ears out like pictured leave directions in the notes. Please specify or we will send one with the ears strapped.

If ordering a custom mask, please give detailed directions in the payment notes. You choose 3 colors.. Base color, stitching color, and detail "wash" color.

Black beanie included with every mask!

Thanks for your support you creepy fuck ya! Now order a mask and scare the shit out of your neighbors next time you need to borrow some sugar!

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