Long Live Evil // Alla Xul Elu - AXE

$25.00 USD


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Wanna look fancy? Wanna look fancy as fuck? Wanna fuck fancy assess? Well look no further, Xuligan! We’ve got stainless steel charms polished so perfectly, Joe Black saw his reflection in one and immediately had his girlfriend start writing his will. Not to mention the AXE shield charms are bigger and better than ever! These bohomeths are the largest charms we’ve ever sold! The Horny Devil is back in the form of Xulery! Laser engraved in the pits of Hell, this beaut is ready to etch his way into your heart! Last but not least, what better way to protect your neck than a fresh ass Xul-Igan charm!! From the slums of Sci Co all the way to your doorstep!

All charms are in stock and ready to ship!!