HorrorHead Series 1 & 2 Giant Sticker Set 3 Pack


Out of duct tape and need to shut your bitch up? Oh! You have three bitches that need to quiet up?!!? BUY THESE STICKERS AND SLAP THEM OVER THEIR FACE HOLES!!!

Series 1! This set includes Formeldahyde Face ( 6x4), Brainiac (6x4), and Samhienous (6x5)! 3.5mil vinyl die cut stickers.

Series 2! This set includes 3 stickers, Trioxide Child (6x5), Good Guy (6x5), and Stabner (6x4)! 3.5mil vinyl die cut stickers.

Quality sure to last a 1000 DVD viewings and beyond! Order a set and please that inner horror geek! Also, check out the first series!

Horror Head logos not part of the design but a watermark.

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